HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP wireless printers are the newest innovation of HP. These printers do not need wires or router connections. Without being physically connected to the printer or even when you dont have network to connect, you can print any document directly from your mobile phones. You only need a wifi to be connected and this is how you can take a print out of your documents.

Setup HP Wifi Direct:

HP wifi directs facilitates you to take prints wirelessly through electronic devices including computers, smartphone and tablets. You can turn your wifi direct with the use of these steps:

1. Open the printer control panel and click on wifi direct option
2. Now you need to go to settings option and sturn on the wifi direct option
3. Now will have an option to connect up to five devices through the Wi-Fi direct method.

Setup Wireless Direct:

You can connect to wireless direct with being connected to USB. You need an active internet connect in order to setup wireless direct. Follow the steps mentioned below for more details

1. First you need to open the HP printer software in your desktop.
2. Now select the tools and then setup and software option and the choose connect a new device
3. After following these steps, you will find the wireless option
4. It will automatically list the available printers there select your HP printer from the list of detected printers.
5. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the setup.

How to Take Print from Wireless Prints:

1. First thing first, turn on wifi direct in your HP printers and in your mobile phone
2. Now you need to choose the document that you want to take a print of.
3. Click on print option
4. Your screen will show you the list of available printers.
5. From that list of available printers select your printer and click OK to move further , once you finished hp wireless printer setup enjoy the wonderful prints.

HP Wireless Printer Dirvers

You will require hp printer dirver and it should be compatible as per youe model. the latest version of HP printer
• HP officejet J4540
• HP officejet J4600
• HP officejet J4500
• HP officejet J3600